How Chiropractic Works

how chiropractic works

Let’s go back to the beginning - The female seed and the male seed. When these two seeds join and become one, a bioelectric infusion of LIFE creating power occurs.

As scientists watch this, the two cells join to one and they begin to multiple: 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32 – 64 and so on. The cells grow into a mass that looks like a little mulberry, sometimes called the mulberry mass. As the mass starts to grow, the cluster of cells becomes what?

What is the very first organ to develop in a developing baby?

The first organ that forms is the brain; the brain forms first. Very important to know that! Some people think it’s the heart but the heart is just another organ, a pump. The brain is the MASTER CONTROLLER OF ALL!

Then the scientists observe a cord develop from the base of the brain. The cord is called the notochord or primitive notochord or other names depending on the timing of development.

As the scientists continue to watch, they observe that from one side of the brain down the cord, all of these fibers start to grow. Of course there are thousands of them, grown out from the brain down. They grow from above down forming the body, like fiber optic lines.

Then the scientists observe, at the end of these nerves little nerve buds form. At the end of those nerve buds all the organs form. The heart begins to form, the kidneys, all digestive organs, the lungs, all the muscles, joints, ligaments, all the nerves developing in the arms, hands and fingers; all the nerves developing your legs, knees, feet, toes and toenails. All develop from nerves that come out of the BRAIN. It’s UNBELIEVABLE!

Now, the brain is so important, it’s cased in bone - the skull. At the bottom of the skull is a hole for the spinal cord to go through. The brain actually has a tail and that tail is the spinal cord. In fact, the spinal cord is like an extension of the brain.

The spinal cord is so important that it is also cased in bone – the spine. There are all of these vertebrae staked up, one on top of the other, encasing and protecting the spinal cord all the way down to the tail bone and pelvis.

The brain protected by the skull. The spinal cord protected by vertebrae - and this is where the problems start.

The Role of The Vertebrae

The vertebrae are moveable so we can move, bend, twist; we can carry stuff and put load and demand on those vertebrae.

Then what can happen? The vertebrae can and will shift, twist, bend and become misaligned in a number of different ways due to trauma, toxins, thoughts or everyday unavoidable stresses.

All the lifting, work kneeling if your laying tile, sitting if your driving truck, picking up and playing with your kids. The birth process itself, pushing a baby through the pelvis can and will push the vertebrae back into the nerves and then the mom wants an epidural.

Any type of chemical stress, like the air we breathe or food or drink we put in our bodies. Any type of emotional stress can manifest itself physically because our bodies are made to handle stress, regardless of the source, in the same physical manner.

These vertebrae can and will shift out of their normal position. In Chiropractic we call this subluxation. Subluxation means one or multiple vertebrae out of normal position, which interferes with the Life power or nerve flow or the communication from the brain to the body.

You can have a subluxated tooth, that’s what braces are for. You can bend your finger back, that’s a subluxated finger. A vertebra can shift that’s a subluxated vertebra.

The trouble is when it happens in the spine; it irritates and puts pressure of the nerves coming out of the vertebrae. You can say it chokes those nerves.

Scientists actually have instruments where you can hook up a little light bulb to a nerve and the light bulb can be lit with the power flowing through a nerve from the brain.

Now recall, 100% of the Life in your body resides in the brain. If you break your neck, you are paralyzed because you cut off the Life power going into your body.

The Path From The Brain

So 100% of the Life in your body is in your brain - here is the MAIN QUESTION:

How much of the Life in your brain that is supposed to go to your heart do you want going to your heart? To your right arm? To your lungs? To your legs? - Well 100% of course!

The only way for that to be true is if the path from the brain down the spinal cord to the body is perfectly intact and there is NO INTERFERNCE.

The GOAL of the CHIROPRACTOR is very straight forward:

  1. Check the vertebra of the spine.
  2. Make sure all the vertebra are adjusted as good as possible, so 100% of the power from the brain that’s supposed to go everywhere in your body actually gets there.

Now, this should start to get some thoughts going in your mind.

For example, if someone has all sorts of digestive issues, is it because they lack a certain drug in their blood when they were born? - NO.

If someone has high blood pressure, is it because of lack of beta-blockers in their blood when they were born? - NO.

It will not matter what you eat or what drug you take if the power going to your stomach or heart is not at 100%.

If I have carpal tunnel and I can’t pick up a cup of coffee and my fingers are tingling, what does that mean? It means that the power going into my arm isn’t at 100%. That’s why I have carpal tunnel.

If I have pain going into my leg, hamstring, calf, sciatica or whatever, what does that mean? It means that 100% of the power isn’t getting into my legs; maybe it’s only at 70%.

If a person suffers a horrible low back injury, they will have 0% going into their legs because they are paralyzed and in a wheelchair.

So, if we can damage the spine enough to make it 0%, well you can have everything in between, 0% to a perfect 100%.

Do you want the power in your brain, 100%, to get to your heart, your stomach, key internal organs, to get to the surface of your skin and into your extremities? - The answer of course is YES!

What Chiropractic Is and How Chiropractic Works

This is what Chiropractic is, this is what Chiropractic does. No other profession on Earth does this or has this concern. Chiropractic has nothing to do with medicine, Chiropractic has nothing to do with dentistry, and Chiropractic has nothing to do with nutrition or exercise.

Chiropractic is making sure the vertebrae in the spine are adjusted as well as possible. So the Life power, the nerve flow, the communication from the brain is able to get to the body. THAT’S IT.

When it doesn’t, we have many different named symptoms and conditions; gastric reflux, carpal tunnel, high blood pressure, sciatica, and tendonitis or any of these named things.

Real true Health comes from having 100% Life power in your brain getting into your body.

It does take much pressure on the nerve to make the light bulb go out completely. The nerves are very sensitive. If you’ve hit your funny bone, you know how sensitive the nerves are.

Most of these nerves you cannot feel. You can’t feel the nerves going to your lungs, “Oh my left lung is really sore today.”

This is very important - you can only feel about 10% of our body, mostly the outer surfaces and some internal things if they are haywire.

Most of your body you can’t feel. This is why people will say “why would I go to the Chiropractor if I feel good?” How you feel is irrelevant because you can only feel about 10% of your body. What about the other 90%?

Prevention Is Key

Is it possible that you could have subluxation in a few vertebrae starting to choke the power off and you don’t feel it yet? The answer is YES because you won’t feel it until it’s so bad.

Just like you could have a hip deteriorating and you feel fine. When it’s finally bone on bone, believe me you will feel it and it’s been brewing for years.

You can have teeth that feel fine but a cavity is dig, dig, dig, dig and it finally hits the nerve and you feel it. How long ago did that cavity start? Months and months ago and it should have been checked and fixed months ago before you even felt it.

The point is that PREVENTION IS MUCH MORE VALUABLE than waiting for a major crisis to go to the Chiropractor or Dentist or the medical doctor.

There we have it. How Chiropractic works explained with basic embryology and basic anatomy.

To summarize: The Brain powers the body; 100% of the LIFE is in the brain; how much of the Life power, nerve flow, and communication do you want getting to all the key organs, tissues and muscles of the body - all of it!

Last question: For how long?

FOREVER. You want 100% of the power going into the body for every single day of your life that is possible. This is why people go to the Chiropractor! They feel better and enjoy all the benefits and that’s why they go forever, why? Because it’s COMMEN SENSE, that’s why!

If you have more Life power going into your cells, tissues, glands, and organs you are going to be a healthier human being.

Why would you not want that? Why would you not want that forever?

Well of course you would, and so would I and of course I do. I’m a chiropractor because how much chiropractic has helped me, so now I help as many people as I can with Chiropractic care.

So Chiropractic, very straight forward, it’s an incredible gift to humanity!

I’m only using my bare hands. No drugs, no needles, just my bare hands to make adjustments to the spine and the body has an innate, built-in healing ability. The body does the healing!

Take a steak cut it, will that cut heal? No, why? Because the Life power going to that meat isn’t there; it’s dead, the tissue is dead. If I cut myself, the cut will heal, why? Because I have the Life power from my brain going into my body to heal itself.

There you have it! It’s about Life power. It’s about nerve flow. It’s about communication between the brain and body. And it’s the Chiropractors job to make sure you have as much nerve flow as possible every single day of your life!


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