Meet the Team at Salt City Chiropractic

Dr. Wells has been serving Hutchinson and beyond in his chiropractic clinic in since 2015. 

 Dr. Brock WellsChiropractor and Tina Wells - Clinic Director at Salt City Chiropractic
I LOVE helping people get out of pain and see them return to the LIFE they deserve!  And... I'm only using my HANDS (no drugs or potions or needles or knives) to allow the brain and body to communicate properly and HEAL!  CHIROPRACTIC is SIMPLE yet VERY POWERFUL! :) 
Staff Member

Brock Wells, DC, BS is the Chiropractor at Salt City Chiropractic in Hutchinson, KS.  Dr. Wells is an alumnus of Cleveland University in Overland Park, KS, where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.  Tina is Dr. Wells' wife and Clinic Director.  Together they opened Salt City Chiropractic in July of 2015 and have been blessed to serve the beautiful community of Reno County with the BEST Chiropractic care, helping 1000's of people get out of pain and function optimally.

Dr. Wells and Tina were both raised and met each other in Reno County, so this community holds a special place in their hearts.  They're always looking for opportunities to give back when and where they can!

Practice Philosophy

"We never underestimate the body's ability to HEAL itself!" - Dr. Wells

The body is amazing and wonderfully designed.  When the brain and body are communicating via the spinal cord (protected by the vertebra) and nerves without interference and proper function... LIFE IS GOOD!!! :)

When that communication starts to breakdown (caused by physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual stresses overwhelming the immune system) back pain, neck pain, headaches/migraines, high blood pressure, and countless other disease symptoms can start to occur... LIFE is not as good! :(

This is where my job starts.  My job is to check all the vertebra of the spine to make sure they are functioning properly.  If the vertebra are dys-functioning (called a vertebral subluxation) then I will make chiropractic adjustments to the spine to restore function and communication.  When function and communication are restored the body has the ABILITY TO HEAL ITSELF and most of the time the pain or disease symptom is eliminated.