Patient Testimonials

Our Hutchinson, KS patients speak out on their chiropractic success with Dr. Wells and Salt City Chiropractic!

Arlena B.
Migraine Headaches
Staff Member

I dealt with migraines for 13 years… my adjustments have reduced the amount of migraines and lessen the need for medication!!!  And I enjoy the atmosphere of the office.”

Carolyn H.
Neck and Back Pain; ALWAYS STRESSED-OUT!!
Staff Member

Everything is better!  I used to take 15-20 ibuprofens most days and now I rarely need to take anything for pain.  Also, my STRESS level has greatly improved so I’m FRIENDLIER!!!”


Gary G.
Shoulder and Neck Pain
Staff Member

“Dr. Wells is very skilled.  I am pain free & have improved mobility in neck and shoulder!”  



Earl S.
Low Back Pain after severe injury!  Earl was using a cane just to walk - ouch! 
Staff Member

"Very knowledgeable and professional.  The adjustments allowed me to regain my quality of life, as well as, my ability to return to work.  Very satisfied with the services."

Dr. Lisa G.
Neck and Low Back Pain
Staff Member

I feel good again and regular chiropractic visits are keeping me that way!  I like the chiropractic care that Dr. Wells provides, the kindness and thoroughness that both he and Tina naturally exude, and the beautiful office."

Sherrie B.
Low Back Pain after two Back surgeries!
Staff Member

“The Energy and support from Dr. Wells and Tina have made it possible for me to be pain free and experience wellness