Services Offered at Salt City Chiropractic

Safe, Gentle and Specific Chiropractic Adjustments 

Dr. Brock Wells specializes in Chiropractic Adjustments.  Our goal with this care is to finely adjust the vertebra(es) of the spine allowing the brain and body to communicate properly, which stimulates your body to heal itself, getting you out of pain and functioning optimally!!!

Your body has an “innate” ability to be healthy, so long as the controlling mechanism, the nervous system, is free from interference.  Subluxations in the spine are a major cause of interference to the function of your nervous system.  With time and repetition, our goal is to correct subluxations and allow your body to return to good health naturally, and without drugs.


Other Services

  • Chiropractic examinations
  • Subluxation detection using Surface EMG and Thermal scans
  • Detailed Principled Report of Findings - we believe everything should be explained before care is started
  • Imaging referral when needed
  • Chiropractic and medical referrals when needed (Chiropractic's efficacy is such that we rarely need to "refer out")
  • Sports Physicals