Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractor Hutchinson KS Brock Wells with Carolyn“I used to take 15 – 20 ibuprofens per day because of back pain and limping from plantar fasciitis.  Now I rarely need to take anything for pain and my stress level has greatly improved so I’m friendlier!”

- Carolyn H.


“I was diagnosed with Stage 3 kidney failure five years ago and started having severe neck pain.  The neck pain was limiting my movement and affecting my daily activities.  Now the neck pain is minimal, my kidneys are working the best they have since the diagnosis, and my husband notices that I have increased energy during the day!  Thank you Dr. Wells!” 

- Sally B.

Chiropractor Hutchinson KS Brock Wells with Patient Brad

“I don’t go to work hurting anymore!  My regular adjustments keep me moving”

- Brad W. 

Chiropractor HUTCHINSON* KS* DRLISA*Neck pain and low back pain was bothering Dr. Lisa.

"I feel good again, and regular chiropractic visits are keeping me that way. I like Everything (about Salt City Chiropractic)! I like the chiropractic care that Dr. Wells provides, the kindness and thoroughness that both he and Tina naturally exude, and the beautiful office. It feels good to have found my CHIROPRACTIC HOME."

- Dr. Lisa G.


Chiropractor Hutchinson KS Brock Wells with Patient Tami“I like getting adjustments because they make me feel better!” 

- Sammy W.

"My son doesn’t use his asthma meds as much and he has more energy!  Thank you!

- Brennan W.’s Mother

Chiropractor Hutchinson KS Brock Wells with Patient Tami

“I was scared at first about seeing a chiropractor because I had never been.  Dr. Wells showed me that I don’t have to be in pain all the time.  Now I can sleep without back pain waking me up and my headaches are much improved!”

- Tami W.

“Dr. Wells is very skilled. I am pain free & have improved mobility in neck and shoulder!” 

- Gary G.

Chiropractor HUTCHINSON* KS* SHERRIE*After back surgery, Sherrie had developed another disc herniation.

"The physical benefits for me have been tremendous. Dr. Wells' approach to healing is knowledgeable and approachable. The energy and support from Dr. Wells and Tina have made it possible for me to be pain free and experience wellness."

- Sherrie B.


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